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Drip Line Connectors

Soaker Hose Shop |  Drip Line Connectors

Drip Line Anti Leak Threaded Tap Connector

The threaded connector is used to connect the main supply pipe direct to the tap or outlet of a water timer. They can also be used to add accessories on a Drip Line run.

Drip Line Anti Leak Flow Control

This on-off device is used to control the water flow in a Drip Line system. Has a straight through flow and a maximum operating pressure of 4 bar.

Drip Line Anti Leak Stop End Connector

Used to terminate a run of Drip Line, without which, the water would gush out of the end.

Drip Line Anti Leak Tee Connector

These are used to allow for an additional run of Drip Line and are ideal for vegetable patches and large flower beds.

Drip Line Anti Leak Elbow Connector

These are used to navigate corners and to negotiate obstacles. Also used to go from vertical to horizontal.

Drip Line Anti Leak Straight Connector

Used to join two lengths of pipe together; generally main supply pipe to drip line. Also used to repair pipe.

Drip Line Wrap Over Support Stake

Hold Down stakes locates and secures Soaker Hose, Drip Line and main supply pipe.

Soaker Hose Shop |  Drip Line Connectors