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Claber Water Timers

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Claber Pratico Plus Water Timer 8414

The simplest timer available on the market with just two buttons for programming. Simply press the green button at the time you want the automatic to turn on everyday, leave it run for the length of time you want it on for, then press the red button to end the programme. It will then repeat this progamme every 24 hours. Simple.

Claber Logica Plus Water Timer 8411

Another simple timer but with a bit more functionality. Choose from a range of 15 preset programmes by turning the dial. Just like setting a washing machine. Once set, it will follow your choice everyday (and has the ability to come on every other day if required). It takes literally seconds to set this timer which makes it so popular with a lot of people.

Claber Video 2 Plus Water Timer 8412

This automatic watering timer is just like setting a digital alarm clock. Tell it what time it is currently, set the times of day you would like the watering cycles to be and then the duration. Set for either once or twice a day, and set which days fo the week to come on as well. Can be used with a rain sensor as well for efficiency.

Claber Duplo Plus Water Timer 8410

This is an automatic two-way water timer. Provides up to three irrigations a day for each line. Featuring just three buttons for easy programming, the large display clearly communicates to the user all the information required by means of easy-to-understand symbols and numbers. Water cycle times vary from 1 min to 23 hours and 59 min.

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